Mouth Reconstruction | Types and benefits

full mouth reconstruction

Have you ever heard of the terms full mouth reconstruction, mouth restoration, and full mouth rehabilitation? These terms essentially mean the same thing; a smile makeover. Reconstruction of the mouth and/or teeth includes an array of procedures that create a uniform smile. Reconstruction can also restore proper jaw alignment, and improve overall oral health.  

Depending on the procedures required, a mouth restoration can take months to complete. Many patients report that they feel better about themselves immediately following the treatment. Many have also stated that their quality of life has vastly improved.

What types of situations require mouth reconstruction?

  • Extensive tooth decay among many teeth
  • Worn down teeth from bruxism and acid erosion
  • Chronic facial pain, TMJ disorder symptoms, and bite problems (malocclusion)
  • Traumatic facial and oral injuries
  • Lost tooth
  • Fractured teeth

What procedures are involved with mouth reconstruction?

Mouth reconstruction can involve varying combinations of different procedures. The extent of each procedure largely depends on the individual needs of the patient. A better smile means different things to different people. Below are some common reconstructive procedures and dental work required.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of many common procedures performed during a mouth reconstruction. This procedure works well for those who have discolored, misshapen, chipped, or broken teeth. They are also effective in filling spaces between teeth opened due to the loss of tissue from periodontal disease. Replacing lost gum from between teeth is technically difficult.

Porcelain Crowns

Not to be mistaken with porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns are another cosmetic option to upgrade your smile. While veneers are mostly used to cover cosmetic imperfections a crown is actually used to provide strength to a damaged or root canal tooth. A crown also covers a good portion of the tooth, while a veneer simply covers the front. 

White Fillings

White fillings are also another popular procedure. Fillings are used to help prevent further tooth decay and can also be used to repair cracked or broken teeth. White fillings are used to help the repaired tooth look as natural as possible.


Inlays can also be used during a mouth reconstruction procedure. An inlay is premade and then inserted over an existing tooth. It does not extend over the sides of the tooth and instead is placed in the center. Inlays are typically used when the tooth decay or damage is so severe a filling is not sufficient enough to repair the damage. 


While an inlay does not extend over the sides of a tooth an onlay does the opposite. Onlays are also premade and then fitted and bonded over one of the sides or depending on the amount of damage, an onlay can cover the entire surface of the tooth. 

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a great option for situations in which two or more teeth are missing. There are various types of bridges, but they all serve the same purpose. The existing teeth are used as support while a crown is used to fill the gap. Similar to crowns, bridge abutments cover the teeth involved.

Dental Implants

A dental implant requires a more extensive dental procedure but also provides fantastic, natural looking results. A teeth implant replaces the root of a missing tooth. 

During surgery, the implant is placed securely into the jawbone.  A crown is then placed on the post of the implant. The crown is made to match your natural tooth structure. The soft tissue and bone will require a few weeks to heal after this procedure.

A teeth makeover gave this woman a nice smile

Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding is a relatively inexpensive and popular procedure. The procedure uses tooth colored composite resin is used to correct dental issues such as a chipped tooth or one that is experiencing tooth decay. Bonding can also be used to fill small gaps between the teeth. This material is applied to your natural teeth and then bonds in place. 


Contouring with bonding, also known as tooth reshaping is a procedure used to correct minor dental issues. The procedure uses a dental instrument to remove small amounts of enamel from the teeth. Contouring can change the size, length, and surface of the teeth leaving them looking more symmetrical and visually appealing. 

Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening is one of the most requested treatments during a mouth reconstruction. Whitening is relatively easy and can be performed in office with trays or gels. Teeth whitening can remove stains from food, drinks, and even smoking. 

The results are instant and patients love their bright smiles. Depending on the severity of the staining, more than one treatment may be required. 

TMJ Therapy

TMJ Therapy focuses on the Temporomandibular joint. This joint is what connects the jaw to the skull. Some patients experience severe pain in this area and undergo therapy to lessen their symptoms. Teeth clenching, jaw misalignment issues, and jaw clenching can all play a role in TMJ pain. 

There are various techniques used to resolve the pain including dental splints, surgery, and physical therapy.

Jaw Reconstruction

While jaw reconstruction can take a significant amount of time to see the full results, the benefits are numerous. Jaw issues can have a major impact on your life. If your jaw is positioned incorrectly it can affect everyday actions such as how you chew food, issues with speech, breathing problems, and how your teeth align when your mouth is closed. This oral surgery can be life altering for some patients and allow them to live a normal life. 

If I think I need a complete smile makeover, what should I do next?

When planning a full mouth restoration, it is wise to schedule multiple consultations with experienced dentists. Dr. James Fondriest offers second opinions on existing comprehensive treatment plans for restorative dentistry. The process will help you learn more about mouth reconstruction and improving your dental health.

Our mission is to provide services tailored specifically to each individual patient. Every patient’s needs are different and we will implement a plan that addresses your specific problem areas. We strive to improve self-esteem, restore confidence, and provide the best dental care possible.

If you believe you are in need of a mouth reconstruction then look no further. If you’re seeking an opinion from an expert cosmetic dentist, contact our Chicago dentist office today (847) 234-0517. We serve patients from the surrounding Chicago neighborhoods who are in need of cosmetic dentistry. We look forward to discussing your treatment options with you.