Is a Dental Bridge or Dental Implant What Your Smile Needs?

Which Is Right for You? A Dental Bridge or an Implant?

Adult tooth loss can be a very frightening thing, as it is often an unexpected event, and also one that raises a number of troubling questions. Even if an extraction has been scheduled, though, it can still be troubling to guess at what the future will look like after a tooth has been extracted. “How will I eat with a missing tooth? Will my friends or family members tease me about my now-incomplete smile? Is it going to hurt to chew? What happens if I lose more teeth?” While these questions can certainly be sources of fear, they do not have to go unanswered. Actually, there are a number of effective prostheses options available to help cope with tooth loss, so you can rest assured your smile will continue to function and look great. So, rather than worrying about your future, why not talk to your restorative dentist about how to get it back on track, by discovering how you can best go about completing your smile and getting back to more important things, like enjoying your life, and the ability to smile confidently!

Modern Prostheses Are Designed for Comfort and Confidence

While dentures remain a popular form of smile completion, after tooth loss, they are not the only way to complete the smile. In fact, many patients prefer more stable options than unsupported dentures. Dental bridges and dental implants are two such options, both of which can increase a patient’s confidence while chewing, when compared to unanchored dentures.

Dental bridges rely on crowns affixed to remaining teeth, to help stabilize a replacement tooth, whether that is a partial denture or a full dental crown. Dental implants are even more secure and permanent, because they use a titanium post surgically inserted into the jaw, in order to stabilize a replacement tooth.

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