Cavity Causing You to Frown? Ask for a Tooth-colored Filling: Part Two

Restorative Treatment Can Cure that Cavity

Is your morning cup of coffee now met with pain? Did you have to pass on a piece of that shared dessert at Friday night dinner, because of discomfort with your tooth? If so, it could be due to a cavity. Cavities occur when the layer beneath your teeth’s enamel becomes exposed. This layer is called dentin, and because it is more sensitive than the enamel, discomfort or even dental pain are common symptoms of cavity. Because a damaged tooth is at risk of further erosion, or even developing an infection, dentists frequently recommend fillings as restorative treatment for a cavity. And thanks to modern advancements, these dental fillings can now be more esthetically-pleasing than before.

What is a Tooth-colored Filling?

While metal fillings were once the primary form of cavity restoration, tooth-colored fillings have become popular in recent years, because they’re both functional and more natural-looking.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of the same composite resin material used for cosmetic treatment, called cosmetic bonding, a material that is prized because of both its ability to bond well with teeth, which is important in restorative treatment, and also the natural way it blends in with the smile.

In fact, with a tooth-colored filling most people won’t even recognize that you’ve had any dental work done, which allows you to smile confidently once again, without dental discomfort or embarrassment over an obvious metal filling.

So if you think you might have a cavity, don’t delay restorative treatment any longer. A simple and beautiful filling might be all that is needed to help restore your oral health and protect your damaged tooth!

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