How Can I Avoid the Need for Root Canal Therapy?

Avoid a root canal

Do you want to avoid a root canal for your entire life? Sounds like a dumb question but so many people get them. Cavities are common, but because they cause teeth to ache, most patients seek treatment for them in their mild to moderate stages. With a tooth-colored filling, patients can restore their teeth and forget a cavity was ever there. Sometimes, though, decay can become significantly more severe by the time you seek treatment, and instead of a filling, root canal therapy is necessary to treat it. If a cavity develops, you may be able to prevent the need for root canal therapy by treating it as soon as possible. Better yet, you can avoid the need for treatment at all by consistently preventing cavity formation with better hygiene and preventive dental care.

Why Root Canal Therapy Is Necessary

Tooth decay is a progressive dental disease. It often begins as relatively minor enamel erosion, which is caused by acids produced by harmful oral bacteria (found in dental plaque). When a cavity forms, it means the tooth structure has begun to decay, and it will progress until it reaches the pulp chamber at the center of your tooth. Once it does, a filling won’t be enough to restore the decayed tooth structure and restore your tooth’s health and integrity. Instead, your dentist will have to remove the infection from the pulp, seal the chamber and the root canal, and then restore the main portion of your tooth.

How to Keep Your Tooth Safe from Decay

One of the main reasons why root canal therapy becomes necessary is because patients don’t realize that decay has settled into their tooth until it’s too late. You can reduce the risks of undetected decay by attending regular checkup and cleaning appointments with your dentist. During your visit, your dentist will be able to spot the earliest signs of tooth decay, such as enamel erosion, and recommend treatment long before root canal therapy becomes necessary.

Learn More About how to avoid a root canal

With consistent preventive care and a timely filling, if necessary, you can beat tooth decay and avoid the need for more extensive root canal therapy. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts in Lake Forest, IL, at 847-234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.