Are Porcelain Veneers Worth the Investment?

Could Veneers Be Right for You?

Have you been considering a consultation with your dentist about finally addressing your teeth’s imperfections through the use of porcelain veneers, but postponed that appointment because of concern about the cost? While it is true that veneers are one of the more costly investments, where cosmetic dentistry is concerned, they do have a number of unique benefits that help make them one of the most popular forms of smile enhancement, and one of the most commonly dentist-recommended. From their durability to their fine detail, are you ready to learn more about how porcelain veneers could help your smile?

Veneers Provide Natural-looking Enhancements

Perhaps you have seen some people with outdated, obvious-looking veneers, and are worried that’s how your smile will look after treatment. Fortunately, modern veneers can be made to look natural and to fit comfortably, allowing for gorgeous enhancements most people will not recognize as dental work, at all. They will only see a gorgeous smile.

They can also be made thinner than before, some veneers require no prep at all, allowing the dentist to preserve more of your healthy tooth enamel, while still affixing the veneers in a way that allows them to sit flush within your smile.

They Are Designed for Comfort, Easy Care and Long-lasting Improvements

Cosmetic bonding is often a more affordable way to enhance the smile, which makes it seem appealing to many patients. However, porcelain veneers tend to be a better long-term investment, because of the properties that make porcelain such a great material for dental work, both cosmetic and restorative.

Porcelain is similar to natural teeth in that it is both strong and stain-resistant, allowing patients to care for their veneers (or porcelain dental crowns) the same way they care for their other teeth. This also allows veneers to last for several years, even over a decade, with proper preventive care!

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