Porcelain smile improvements that are natural

Porcelain smile improvements

When you come for the esthetic improvement to your smile (and you need more than whitening), you will likely be the recipient of porcelain cosmetic work. These smile improvements would be either some type of veneer or crown. The finished result with look amazing, beautiful, natural, and will likely check off every box on your list of preferences. However, there’s just one little potential snag, you may think to yourself: Is porcelain going to be something you can keep up? Or, while it looks lovely, is it going to prove to be high maintenance? In short: It’s going to be easy! As for the details…

Why Porcelain Is Becoming So Popular

Metal crowns offer functional benefits in the form of restorative treatment but often leave patients feeling insecure. They are so easily seen as artificial.  Porcelain smile improvements provide unique benefits that, in most cases, exceed what metal can do for a smile.

Ceramics are becoming stronger

All crowns can be used to protect fragile teeth. In some cases, a crown is used to stop a tooth from further decay, often caused by a cavity. In other cases, crowns are recommended to help protect a chipped or cracked tooth.

Without protection, normal wear can cause a chip to worsen, potentially leading to the loss of the entire tooth. That is why restorative treatment is often necessary when a tooth has become damaged or after a root canal. Coverage of the damaged tooth will protect or even save the tooth. Crowns can even be used to cope with tooth loss, as part of a dental bridge or a dental implant!

Ceramics now have improved esthetics

But when you and your dentist select a porcelain crown, it can be used to improve the esthetics of the smile, as well. This can be particularly helpful if a deep cavity, infection, root canal treatment or other procedure has left the tooth noticeably incomplete or otherwise damaged.

Yes, the tooth needs functional support and protection from infection. But it also needs to look healthy and complete, once again. This is where a porcelain crown often comes in. It will help to seamlessly blend with the rest of the smile as well. This is especially true when your dentist is working with world class ceramists and technicians. See a recent veneer before and after case.

Will Porcelain smile improvements crack easily?

Nope. High-quality veneers will last a long time. We understand that your concept of porcelain may come from delicate plates, figurines, and more, which causes you to instantly think that porcelain cosmetic work must be extraordinarily fragile. Remember that in the dental world, we are working with materials that are engineered to offer exceptionally resilient results. The enormous force of your jaws demands it! The way veneers and crowns are crafted is also in such a way that they can perform all day, every day, without a problem. Even the ultra thin versions of porcelain veneers have great durability.

Isn’t It Going To Get Scraped Up?

The only way your cosmetic porcelain smile improvements are going to become scraped up is if you do something to scrape it. Now, think of something like your veneers or crowns as your natural teeth. What does it take to scrape them? You’d have to eat a lot of very hard, crunchy foods every day, use an abrasive dental product, use a hard-bristle toothbrush instead of a soft-bristle, etc. to abrade them. So, in short: No, you won’t scrape them as long as you’re mindful about your daily choices (just like always).

Will It Last Very Long?

Indeed, it will! When you’re giving your smile the care we suggest for all patients, you can expect your porcelain cosmetic work to last for many years (often a decade or even longer). Do your brushing-and-flossing thing every day, don’t forget about checkups and professional cleanings, and you’ll be in good shape.

Feel Confident About Porcelain Smile Improvements When You Visit Us

The smile is one asset that never goes out of season. Yet, many people look to fashion and accessories to update their look. We think that smile improvement would inspire even more confidence. If your smile is looking more dingy and discolored than you would like, cosmetic dentistry could help.

Treatment, like professional teeth whitening, for instance, makes it possible to whiten teeth by several shades quickly and efficiently. That’s not the only way a dentist could help you enjoy a beautiful smile, though. Cosmetic treatments like dental bonding and veneers can inspire a great deal of confidence, and that is something that never goes out of style!

When you’re considering porcelain cosmetic work for your smile, we encourage you to ask us your questions. Questions are especially important if you have any doubts! Feel free to schedule a visit with Dr. Fondriest by calling us at (847) 234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.