Is Your Diet Negatively Impacting Your Smile?

Is Your Diet Negatively Impacting Your Smile?

What are your favorite foods, and do they all have one thing in common? Is it high amounts of sugar? If so, you may have found yourself struggling with several cavities last year. Sadly, you are likely to continue to deal with dental decay if you don’t address your diet. While most people think about brushing their teeth or seeing the dentist, when they think about caring for their smiles, what you eat and how often can also have a huge impact on your smile. If you want to enjoy great oral health, it’s important to limit how much sugar you are consuming!

Don’t Consume Too Much Sugar

Why is sugar so bad for smiles? That’s because the bacteria in the mouth feed on it, along with other simple starches. Therefore the more sugar you eat, the more bacteria can develop and eventually calcify onto teeth. Once tartar buildup has calcified on the teeth, it can begin to erode the enamel, and also irritate the gums, eventually contributing to the development of cavities and even gum disease.

Limiting how much sugar you eat and drink on a regular basis can help reduce your risk of struggling with these and other dental issues.

Enjoy Great Oral Health with Simple, Smart Choices

While obvious sweets, like cupcakes, cookies and candy, might be one cause of too much sugar consumption, many packaged foods and drinks are also high in sugar content. To minimize your sugar consumption, read packages while shopping, and avoid those that list sugar as a leading ingredient. Your dental health, and your overall health, can likely be improved by reducing your sugar intake.

Need Preventive Dental Care?

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