Confirm dental treatment opinion when planning major work

Confirm dental treatment opinion

It’s important to completely understand and confirm your dental treatment opinion

To confirm your dental treatment opinion dental appointments can help in many circumstances. Seeking out the input of an expert in cosmetic dental work can help. They can help you develop a clearer picture of how to achieve remarkable smile improvements. You can also seek another qualified perspective if there is some uncertainty on how to proceed to address a situation.

It’s important that you understand exactly what dental treatment you’re receiving and why it’s necessary. If the condition of your mouth confuses you, or your regular dentist confuses you, then seek a second opinion to clear things up. There are ways to prepare for your dental visit to make it more valuable to you.

Why Should I Confirm My Dental Treatment Opinion?

All dentists have different backgrounds, training, and perspectives on oral health. Your current dentist knows your oral health history, but sometimes it helps to have a new set of eyes examine your mouth and assess your health. You can compare the two opinions to make a more informed decision about your treatment. You should consider seeking a second opinion at a different dental office if:

  • The dentist is new to you
  • You’re unsure if the procedure is necessary
  • You don’t understand your diagnosis
  • You have a major problem, like oral cancer
  • Your current dentist is not fixing your problem
  • You just had a tooth extracted and are thinking of dental implants
  • Often a second opinion can help alleviate any dental anxiety that you may have.
  • You don’t think your current dentist is qualified to treat a dental health or cosmetic problem
  • You need to see a specialist, like a periodontist or oral surgeon
  • A root canal or complicated wisdom teeth removals have been recommended

Get reassurance that your dentist is doing the right things

A second opinion can give you reassurance about your condition, and give you more treatment options to choose from. What happens if the second opinion is different than the first diagnosis? Differing opinions are confusing but indicate that there are options. You can certainly consider getting a third opinion to help balance your options.

If you are not confident in your dentist or in the information you have received, do not commit to any major decisions. You should be comfortable with your treatment plan.

Who can I trust to confirm my dental treatment recommendations?

You want to find a dentist who won’t recommend a dental treatment that is not absolutely necessary. You shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to tell your dentist you want a second opinion. Many dentists have other colleagues in the dental community whom they trust sending patients to.

Probably the best way to find the best restorative dentist in the area is to ask a dental specialist.  The specialists generally get a chance to see every other dentist’s dental work. They have the best read on who makes the best treatment decisions. If you’re uncomfortable asking your dentist, you can ask trusted friends and family members to recommend a dental specialist.

Receive Expert Input From A Practice With A Deep Knowledge Of Advanced Dental Work

Expert input for something like cosmetic work can be a great resource for many patients. These visits can be recommended if your normal dentist is less familiar with cosmetic procedures. Perhaps your dentist has less access to necessary support such as the best specialists or a highly qualified dental ceramist. A specialist’s recommended plan for smile improvement can help you see a clear path to a real esthetic transformation.

Confirm dental treatment opinion

Dramatic improvements can be made to your smile if you choose the right dentist. We strongly suggest that you confirm larger dental treatment opinions.

With The Right Planning, You Can See Dramatic Improvements Made To Your Smile

Cosmetic improvement can be as straightforward as simply making your smile whiter. However, combining several cosmetic treatments in just the right amounts can do significantly more to change your appearance.

An artistic approach to treating your smile can involve addressing the condition of teeth, or their size. Your dentist may even see a need to concentrate efforts on the area around your teeth. There may be many different factors that affect your smile. To best understand how to make improvements, your dentist can make a detailed assessment of your smile.

We offer consulting services to other dentists

Our office is proud to serve as a referral destination for patients looking to learn how they can make the most of their smiles. We offer an artistic approach to smile design. A design process that accounts for more than just matching a new tooth with the next one.

With an artistic flair, a high end cosmetic dentist will try to make teeth that go with your complete smile. This means that the dentist takes into account your persona, facial features, and lip movements. This results in larger improvements with less dentistry.

Confirm your dentist’s opinions on your dental treatment

Dr. Fondriest acts as a consultant or referral destination for many other general and cosmetic dentists. If you’re considering large restorative dental procedures or cosmetic enhancements, feel free to discuss your concerns and options with Dr. Fondriest. We will give you a full assessment and discuss all your treatment plan options. This includes describing the likely insurance covered procedures by the dental insurance companies.

Contact Dr. Fondriest at (847) 234-0517 to schedule a first or second opinion consultation. We offer general and cosmetic dental care to patients from the North Shore area of Chicago and the surrounding communities.

If you are a Medical Professional wishing to learn more about this subject, Dr. Fondriest frequently presents host designed topics on aesthetic dentistry themes.