Do I Need A Dental Crown? Take This Quiz

womanquestionglowingYou may know what a crown is but that does not mean you know why you need a dental crown. If you are trying to figure out whether we may suggest a crown for you (or if we have already recommended this restorative treatment), you may have some questions you would like answered. We feel passionate about providing our patients with the education they deserve to feel informed and confident about the dental care they receive. For a clearer understanding of whether a crown is the appropriate solution for your needs, consider the following quiz:

Dental Crown Quiz: True or False?

  1. True or False: We will probably suggest a dental crown the moment we notice you are dealing with any type of tooth decay just to be on the safe side.
  2. True or False: Your tooth is suffering from severe cosmetic damage that even veneer will not camouflage – you may need a porcelain dental crown.
  3. True or False: When you complete root canal treatment, we will suggest the placement of a crown to protect your tooth.

Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. We practice both artistic and conservative dentistry. We will only suggest a dental crown in this case if your tooth is suffering from a cavity too large or severe for a filling or inlay. Fortunately, we can often save the health of your tooth and its appearance with a porcelain crown.
  2. True. Veneers cover the visible portion of your teeth. They are extremely thin porcelain casings that we bond permanently to your tooth. However, if your tooth is too damaged with serious staining or if it is broken or shaped beyond what we can address with a veneer, we may suggest a beautiful porcelain crown.
  3. True. Your tooth will no longer be living after a root canal. However, a root canal treatment will allow the tooth to remain in place within your mouth. To protect it from further bacterial invasion and to restore its appearance and structural integrity, we may cover it with a beautiful porcelain dental crown.


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