Cosmetic Dental Questions You’ve Been Wanting To Ask: Part 2

Does cosmetic dentistry seem mysterious to you? Do you often wonder what it entails? Do you wonder what happens behind the doors of a cosmetic dentist’s office? How do people go in with an unattractive smile and come out with a million dollar smile? Will it really cost a million dollars if you wanted a new smile? Is cosmetic dentistry only suitable for adults? You may have questions regarding cosmetic dentistry and if so, continue reading cosmetic dental questions you’ve been wanting to ask: part 2.


Question: How can I find a good cosmetic dentist?

Answer: When looking for a cosmetic dentist you need to inquire about their training. Cosmetic dentistry is not a dental field recognized by the American Dental Association. Cosmetic dentists are general dentists who partake in additional studies regarding cosmetic issues. Not every cosmetic dentist is trained in all cosmetic procedures. Ask to see before and after photos of cosmetic procedures that they have performed. If the cosmetic dentist you choose is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), then he or she has had extensive training and has undergone rigorous testing to prove worthy of accreditation.

Question: Are children candidates for dental implants?

Answer: Dental implants are not considered suitable for children until their bones have reached mature growth. Children’s jaws continue to grow into adolescence. It is not safe to place implants until their jaw reaches maturity, otherwise the implant will fail possibly resulting in serious problems.

Question: Are there any cosmetic procedures that are suitable for children?

Answer: Depending on the child’s age and the development of their teeth and dental arches, there may be certain cosmetic procedures that are suitable for correcting specific problems. For instance, if the child had an accident or injury that broke or fractured their front teeth, or if their teeth are severely discolored due to medication, dental bonding or veneers maybe appropriate.

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