Considering Teeth Whitening? Here’s Why to Visit Your Dentist

Whitening Treatment for Your Smile

Many people struggle with smiles that are no longer as white as they had hoped. That’s because teeth are porous, which allows foods and beverages to stain them over time. Tobacco products, in particular, can cause discoloration of the teeth, leading to smiles that look dingy and aged. Fortunately, teeth whitening makes it possible to address this discoloration and restore the smile to a more bright and vibrant state. For fast results, and dramatic ones as well, you may want to speak with your cosmetic dentist about what professional whitening, sometimes called teeth bleaching, could do for you!

Have Over-the-Counter Products Left You Disappointed in the Past?

You have likely noticed the variety of dental products available at the grocery store and pharmacy, many of which promise to lighten teeth. However, few of these products are designed to create dramatic results quickly.

So if you know you would like to lighten your teeth by more than a few shades, and/or if you have only a limited timeframe for treatment, consider the benefits of seeking professional treatment through a cosmetic dentist.

Do You Want Dramatic Results?

A dentist can often help lighten the teeth by more than eight shades, through the use of prescription-grade whitening products, that are both safe and effective. Many dentists even offer products that can be taken home, to be completed at a patient’s convenience.

Another lesser-known benefit of seeking professional whitening treatment, though, is that it comes with the expertise of a dentist that can help explain the cause of your staining and give you helpful tips about how to prevent future staining, as well as how to preserve your overall oral health.

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