Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help? Part Two

Could Cosmetic Dentistry Enhance Your Smile?

If you are tired of trying, in vain, to hide your less-than-pearly whites, you may have already considered cosmetic dental treatment. But do you know what can be done to improve those imperfections, or to provide you with a more beautiful, yet still natural-looking smile? Many patients have questions and even concerns about seeking cosmetic dental treatment. Fortunately, a consultation can be invaluable in choosing how to best go about improving your smile, but so can a little more information about your cosmetic treatment options.

My teeth are jagged at the edges. Is there a cosmetic solution?

While it’s normal for teeth to appear worn, over time, excessive wear could be caused by nighttime or self-conscious teeth grinding. If so, it’s important to talk to your dentist about potential preventive treatment, to help prevent further grinding and the subsequent damage. You may also need restorative treatment, such as porcelain crowns, to help protect fragile teeth.

That said, if it’s purely a cosmetic issue, cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers offer ways to improve the appearance of worn teeth, or jagged edges, quickly and effectively!

I have several concerns can anything fix them all?

Porcelain veneers have long been prized as one of the most comprehensive ways to improve a smile’s appearance. From disproportionally small teeth, to permanent staining, worn edges to minor gaps between teeth, veneers can address them all! So, if you have more than one esthetic concern, it’s definitely worthwhile to talk to your dentist about the option of veneers. Thanks to porcelain’s stain resistance, they make a wonderful long-term investment in your smile!