Brighten Up with Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening for a Brilliant Smile

Tired of looking in the mirror and feeling older than your age? Few things can mar your smile like bad staining or drastic discoloration. Sadly, many of adults’ favorite foods and beverages contribute to staining. Red wine, coffee, and soda are all notorious for leaving discoloration on teeth. Fortunately, professional whitening offers a quick and effective way to remove those stains, revealing your beautiful white teeth, and in turn, returning your youthful glow! If you want to get back to the smile you had as a fresh-faced teen, professional whitening can certainly help.

Aren’t There Over-the-counter Options?

Yes. While most drugstores boast a number of products that claim they can whiten teeth, few are designed to do more than lighten teeth by a shade or two. Furthermore, because of the lower potency of their active ingredients, some of those treatments can take a long time to be completed.

Professional whitening, on the other hand, using prescription-strength whitening agents that have been prove both safe and effective, at erasing stains. A cosmetic dentist can also help advise you how long treatment should be completed in order to achieve your ideal level of whitening, without contributing to tooth sensitivity.

If your teeth are in need of more than subtle whitening, professional whitening is designed to give you the dramatic results you’re looking for, and in very little time. Most patients are able to use professional whitening kits to lighten teeth by more than five shades in two weeks or less, sometimes lightening them up to ten shades.

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