Are You Unhappy with Your Smile?

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Update Your Smile

Are you a confident dresser, more-than-competent worker, and outgoing person who makes friends easily? Yet do you always seem to lack confidence in one area of life, namely your smile? Few personal attributes have a bigger impact on someone’s self-esteem than his or her smile. That’s because research indicates the smile is the first characteristic most people notice about one another, and the last that they will forget. If you feel your smile needs improvement, stop settling, and start talking to a cosmetic dentist. There are a number of ways a dentist can help enhance your smile’s natural beauty, and that can enable you to feel more confident showing off your one and only smile!

Could Whitening Help Improve Your Pearly Whites?

For patients whose only concern is staining or discoloration of their teeth, professional teeth whitening is often recommended. That is because professional whitening can create dramatic results, quickly, generally lightening teeth by up to eight shades during a single course of teeth whitening/bleaching treatment.

Do You Require Additional Treatment?

If you are concerned by more than the shade of your teeth, though, there are several other ways a cosmetic dentist could help. For instance, teeth that are disproportionately sized or oddly shaped, can be corrected through either cosmetic bonding, or porcelain veneers. Each options has unique benefits, so determining which treatment is right for you is best done by scheduling a consultation with your cosmetic dentist. In general, bonding is a faster and more affordable procedure, while veneers can create longer-lasting enhancements, thanks to porcelain’s strength and longevity.

A gum lift is another option, though, one that requires more time for treatment and recovery, upfront, but which can help rejuvenate a smile that has become aged-looking or unsymmetrical due to excessive gum tissue growth.

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