A Younger Looking Smile through Professional Whitening: Part Two

Young Smile Professional Teeth Whitening

After your teeth have reached your ideal shade of brightness through professional teeth whitening, it becomes important to maintain those results as long as possible. Over bleaching can be bad for the enamel of your teeth. Plus, who wants to achieve a brilliant white smile, only to see staining shortly after? By making smart decisions about what you eat and drink, and being diligent about your dental hygiene, you can help maintain your whitening results long after treatment, allowing you to smile confidently for months or even years, knowing your pearly whites are still looking their best!

Ways to Keep Your Teeth White

Some of the best tips for preserving your whitening results are:

  • Drink plenty of water. It can help to rinse food particles and staining agents from your teeth between brushings. Plus, it keeps you hydrated, and saliva is a natural plaque fighter.
  • If you choose to drink acidic or staining drinks, like soda, coffee or tea, do so in one sitting, rather than throughout the day. Follow up with water. And, unless it’s hot coffee, using a straw can also help minimize staining.
  • Avoid all forms of tobacco, as it can drastically stain teeth in a relatively short amount of time (not to mention it is bad for your overall health).
  • Don’t neglect daily brushing and flossing, which can help prevent staining as well as plaque buildup, which can lead to cavities and other oral health concerns. It’s especially important not to go to bed without brushing your teeth, as this gives food particles and bacteria more time to wreak havoc on your beautiful smile.
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