Why Chronic Halitosis Might Be Cause for Worry

The fact that your bad breath doesn’t go away may be cause for worry in and of itself. However, the potential embarrassment is a small concern compared to the potential reasons for why it remains. Most of us experience bad breath once in a while, especially in the mornings or after eating smelly foods, but when it sticks around, chronic bad breath (known as halitosis) can often indicate a serious problem with your teeth, gums, and oral health.

Understanding Your Bad Breath

The types of bad breath that go away easily are usually caused by minor issues. For instance, if you just ate a meal with onions or garlic, then your bad breath will go away once the food passes from your system. If your breath is bad in the morning, it’s because of the excess of oral bacteria that have gathered overnight, and will likely go away once you brush and floss your teeth.

When It Decides to Stay

When your bad breath doesn’t resolve itself or go away after brushing your teeth, then it may be caused by a more serious issue. For instance, if you have a tooth that’s suffering from tooth decay, then the decaying tooth structure and the bacteria causing it can lead to halitosis. Likewise, if you’ve developed gum disease, then you may have periodontal pockets between your gums and teeth and allow bacteria to gather in force, leading to bad breath among many other symptoms.

Get Rid of Chronic Bad Breath for Good

If you have persistent bad breath that doesn’t go away (known as halitosis), then there might be a more concerning underlying dental issue, like tooth decay or gum disease. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts in Lake Forest, IL, at 847-234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Lake Bluff, Chicago, Libertyville, Gurnee, Highland Park, Vernon hills, Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Bannockburn, Ravinia, and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.

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