What Is Your Diet Really Doing to Your Dental Health?

Dieting and Dental Health

Did you start the new year with one resolution at the forefront of your mind, to get healthy, once and for all? Whether your resolution has you going paleo, gluten-free, vegan, or following some other dietary plan, anytime you are making efforts to lessen your weight and increase your strength, it can be incredibly important to make sure your dental health won’t suffer from your new dietary changes. Understanding the biggest threats your teeth and gums face, can help make sure you’re making wise choices for both your body and your smile.

Are You Drinking or Eating a Lot of Sugar?

Many products labeled diet, or targeted to athletes, body builders, and other active individuals, can still be shockingly high in sugar. From granola and energy bars, to sports drinks, smoothies and protein shakes, you might be surprised to check the labels of your favorite “health” products, only to find that they are filled with lots of sugar.

Sugar can be detrimental to your dental health, because the plaque bacteria in the mouth feed upon sugars. The more you’re consuming, then, the more likely you are to struggle with dental decay. To protect your teeth, get into the incredibly important habit of reading labels before you buy an prepackaged foods or drinks. Avoid those which list sugar (dextrose, molasses, honey, sucrose… can all be bad for the teeth) as one of the lead ingredients. And keep in mind that often the healthiest choice, is one that doesn’t come in a wrapper or bag, like a fresh apple instead of dried fruit (which has more sugar per ounce).

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Another simple way to care for your smile, is by drinking plenty of water. Not only is proper hydration essential to your body’s wellbeing, especially when you have an active lifestyle, it’s also key to keeping your smile cavity-free and otherwise healthy. That’s because water helps you to produce saliva, which acts as a natural defense against tartar buildup. So make sure you’re getting plenty of H20 throughout each day.

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