Want to Protect Your Gum Tissue? Periodontal Care Is Important

Want to Protect Your Gum Tissue? Periodontal Care Is Important

Teeth are often what people notice first, when they see your smile. They may even be what gets most of your attention, when it comes to oral care. Unfortunately, this could be why studies indicate that millions of Americans could be struggling with gum disease, many unknowingly. Gum disease is a chronic condition that will only progress if untreated. Fortunately, when it is detected and treated early, many of the most severe side effects of gum disease can be reversed or avoided altogether. So, if you really want to keep your whole smile healthy and looking its best, make sure you are giving your gums the care they need, along with your teeth.

Don’t Just Brush Your Teeth, Floss Daily

Daily tooth brushing can help protect your smile, by removing bacteria from the surface of teeth. But flossing is just as important, because it serves a similar job, to help remove bacteria from between the small crevices between teeth, where toothbrush bristles are simply not able to effectively reach.

By flossing your teeth just once a day you can help to reduce your risk of developing gum disease, as well as cavities, which are the most common dental issue faced by children and adults, alike.

Attend Regular Dental Cleanings

Of course, regular dental cleanings are also imperative to protecting one’s oral health. For most patients, dentists recommend visiting at least twice a year to have their teeth cleaned. That said, if you have been diagnosed with gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, your dentist may recommend more frequent visits, until your smile’s health has been restored.

Want to Protect Your Smile?

If you want o protect your smile from common threats, like gum disease, regular dental cleanings are imperative. You can schedule your next dental cleaning with Dr. Fondriest by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We welcome patients from the North Shore area of Chicago and the surrounding communities.

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