Titanium Makes Dental Implants Stronger

They say nothing lasts forever, but in the case of dental implants, that’s only half true. Due to the use of titanium, a biocompatible material that actually fuses directly to a patient’s jawbone, dental implants can actually last a long time, a lifetime in fact. Once surgically implanted, titanium posts not only permanently protect the jawline from shifting due to missing teeth, they make a comfortable base for esthetic replacement teeth, whether those are porcelain crowns, partial or complete dentures.

What Makes Titanium Remarkable

In years past, dentists used various metals to complete dental procedures, not many of which were able to stand up to a lifetime of wear. However, titanium is one of the most durable metals on the planet, which just so happens to be uniquely related to human bone.

It’s considered biocompatible because of how closely it matches the bone structures within the human body. For this reason you’ll find titanium being used in not only dental procedures, but also in orthopedic, hearing-related and face reconstruction surgeries as well.

“Osseointegration” is the technical term used to describe when bone begins to regenerate around a dental (or medical) implant. It’s at this point that we would be able to work towards affixing a crown or denture atop the dental implant.

Depending on the reason for your tooth loss and the condition of your gums, we’ll work closely with either an oral surgeon or a periodontist to plan every step of your dental implant procedure. We’ll also make sure that whatever cosmetic replacement option you choose is a comfortable and beautiful fit.


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