Do you want a new tooth?

Do you want a new tooth?

Are you missing something in your smile? Do you want a new tooth? We can replace missing teeth with removable dentures or even dental bridges, but over time your jawbone could continue to break down. Fortunately, we have an advanced treatment option that can help preserve your jawbone tissue. How do dental implants preserve your smile and offer lifelike tooth replacement?

Placing and Restoring Your New Tooth

We first choose the optimal area for placement and an oral surgeon will insert the dental implant into the jawbone. Once the area heals and osseointegration takes place, the process in which the implant and jawbone tissue bond, we can add an abutment that holds a custom-made dental crown in place. This allows us to restore the tooth and complete your new smile.

Preserving Jawbone Density

The dental implant is made from titanium, a biocompatible material that bonds with the jawbone and acts as a new tooth root. Which means the jawbone won’t degrade as it normally would due to tooth loss, which helps prevent you from developing further tooth loss and an aged appearance. Other benefits of implant dentistry include a lifelike tooth that can last for several years, even decades, with proper care and attention.

Maintaining Your New Tooth

You essentially care for your new tooth just as you would your natural ones. Each day, you should brush twice for two minutes each session. You also need to floss every night before bed to remove food particles trapped between them. We also recommend a dental cleaning every six months. These routine actions help protect your new smile from decay, infection, gingivitis, gum disease, and other oral health issues that could impact your new smile. If you have any questions about replacing missing teeth, or if you’re ready to receive a natural looking dental implant, then contact our team today.

Come learn why you may want a new tooth

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