Not Really Sure What An Implant Is? We Can Help!

You may find yourself quickly agreeing with others in conversation that of course, dental implants are the best for replacing missing teeth! However, you then realize that while you feel fully on board with this idea because you’ve heard about them so frequently (and always in the best light), you don’t really know what they are, how they work, or what makes them so great. If you are in need of one tooth replacement or more, our Lake Forest, IL practice thinks you’ll be quite pleased with the details as we teach you just a little more about what you can expect from implants!

An Implant Is…

As you find yourself on the journey toward restoring your smile after tooth loss with our artistic dentistry team, you will find that dental implants are an option (and one that many patients absolutely love!). However, when pressed to actually describe an implant to yourself, you may not have much to say. Let’s help you feel fully educated on the topic! First, an implant is a post. It’s made of biocompatible titanium, which means it’s a metal that is safe for your body. Next, it’s only going to replace the part of your tooth that rested with your gum tissue and jaw tissue, which is known as your roots. This is a good thing, though: It will support the rest of your tooth replacement (the restoration), which thereby allows you to restore the full tooth.

An Implant Is Restored With…

You can use dental implants to support one of a variety of restorations. Remember that if you’re missing one tooth or many teeth, we may attach a prosthetic to restore your entire tooth with beautiful results. Patients can choose to place one porcelain dental crown per implant. Or, they may replace multiple teeth with an implant-supported bridge. You may also choose dentures that receive support from implants.

If You Are Interested…

If you are interested in dental implants, even if this is your first true introduction to considering them, we invite you to talk with us during a visit. When you spend time with our team, you will quickly learn that replacing missing teeth can have an absolutely beautiful, natural-looking end result.

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