Prep for The First Day with Preventive Dentistry

Back to School with Good Oral Health

Will you soon be sending the kids back to school, for another year of learning, and just as importantly extracurricular activities? If so, your calendar will likely be filled up before you know it, with practices, recitals, and a host of other fall fun. Before the busy school season begins, though, there is still time to give your family’s smiles the care they need, to stay healthy and beautiful for those back-to-school portraits, Homecoming dances and more! Remember, preventive checkups are an important part of maintaining healthy smiles, so don’t neglect this crucial care.

Why Checkups and Cleanings Are Crucial to Oral Health

Dental hygiene can help keep your teeth and gums in great shape, but they’re rarely enough to completely prevent plaque buildup. To remove hardened plaque, known as tartar, from the surface of teeth, routine professional cleanings are required.

In fact, only a professional cleaning can remove tartar, once it has reached this calcified state. Without prompt removal, this bacteria buildup can be responsible for causing cavities, gum disease, and a host of other oral health threats as well.

Everyone In the Family Needs Dental Care

Most patients, including children, need to visit the dentist at least twice a year in order to prevent dental problems like cavities. If timed correctly, you could actually schedule your children’s visits during their summer breaks and over the holiday break, so they will not miss any school. Don’t forget to schedule your own appointments, as well. Not only will your smile look and feel better with proper preventive care. You will also be setting a great oral health example for your kids!