It Might Be Time for a Dental Checkup

Do I need a Dental Checkup?

In spite of their best intentions, many people miss out on key preventive care, which can lead to a host of dental problems. While it is important to brush and floss your teeth daily, it is equally imperative to visit the preventive dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. When you skip out on these routine appointments, you are far more likely to suffer from common dental threats, like cavities and even gum disease. So this year, vow to take better care of your smile, and pay especially close attention to any signs that your next dental visit might already be overdue.

Suffering from chronic bad breath?

Many people don’t realize that chronic bad breath can actually be indication of gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease. Other oral health threats can also cause changes to one’s breath. If you are suffering from either bad breath, no matter how frequently you brush your teeth, or even if you are just struggling with chronic dry mouth, it is best to schedule a dental checkup.

Your dentist may be able to provide restorative treatment that could lead to fresher breath, and even more importantly, a healthier smile.

Do you struggle with tooth sensitivity?

While some sensitivity when enjoying extremely hot or cold foods or drinks is considered normal, in many cases heightened sensitivity is actually indication of a dental issue, such as weakened tooth enamel or even a dental cavity. A thorough dental appointment, including both a checkup and a cleaning, should be able to first, diagnose if you have a problem, and secondly, address any oral health threats. In some cases, restorative dentistry like a dental filling might be necessary to restore both your comfort, while eating, and your smile’s health.

Have you noticed discoloration of your teeth?

If your teeth have begun to change colors, it could be good indication that it is time for a dental cleaning. For instance, yellow-looking teeth could be the result of plaque buildup, which can create an unsightly film on the surface of teeth. Plaque can also lead to cavities and gum disease, so it’s important to have it removed promptly!

White patches in teeth can also be a warning sign of trouble, as it could mean that the layer beneath your teeth’s enamel has become exposed. This layer, the dentin, is more sensitive, which is why many people experience discomfort when decay has led to its exposure, in other words when a cavity is present.

Teeth that have started to look grey could be stained by foods, drinks or even tobacco products. A cleaning might be able to help, but professional teeth whitening is often the best way to address deep discoloration.

Do I need a Dental Checkup?

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering how necessary dental checkups and cleanings really are? If you have been fortunate enough to enjoy great oral health up until now, you might think that you are simply blessed with great teeth and gums, and that preventive care may not be all that important to you. Unfortunately, this can be incredibly short-sighted thinking, which can lead to dental problems later in time. If you want to maintain healthy teeth and gums as you age, here are some key reminders that it is time for a dental checkup.