Is It Time to Update Your Smile?

Is It Time to Update Your Smile?

Over the past few years, have you noticed your smile looking more and more aged? In fact, do your teeth look much older than the rest of you, and certainly much older than you feel? Over time, many people complain about the obvious symptoms of aging in their smiles, such as staining or wear along the teeth’s edges. Fortunately, dental treatment makes it possible to address most signs of aging smiles, so you can enjoy improved confidence, even if you can’t turn back the clock.

Ready to Replace an Old, Metal Filling or Crown?

One common complaint as patients age is that their oldest tooth restorations become uncomfortable, or simply too obvious-looking for comfort. If you have old metal fillings or crowns, why not talk to your dentist about how a modern restoration could likely help to improve the look of your smile and possibly even your comfort as well. Modern restorations made of composite resin or dental porcelain are designed to look natural, and because these materials conduct less heat than metal, many patients find them more comfortable, as well.

Want to Address Wear on Teeth?

If you’re embarrassed by wear on your teeth, such as jagged edges caused by years of chewing, or even subconscious teeth grinding, the dentist might be able to address the issue with either restorative or cosmetic treatment, depending on the severity of the wear. Porcelain crowns, for instance, can be used to beautify and protect fragile teeth, while veneers make a great solution for purely cosmetic issues.

Want to Update Your Smile?

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