Get Your Kids Excited About Their Oral Health with This Helpful App

Get Your Kids Excited About Their Oral Health with This Helpful App

Do you want to get your kids or grandkids more excited about caring for their smiles, so you can spend less time worrying about them? Cavities have become incredibly common in school-aged children, and experts believe that has a lot to do with their drinking habits, namely how much sugar kids are consuming in the form of sodas, sports and even energy drinks. To help protect your kids’ smiles, preventive dental care is essential. This includes daily hygiene and regular dental visits. However, there is also a new app that could help educate your children or grandkids about the importance of making healthy choices!

Teach Your Kids About Sugar’s Effect On Their Smiles

Sugar is one of the most dangerous threats your kids’ smiles face, and that’s because the bacteria in the mouth feed upon it. The more they consume, then, the more likely they are to struggle with visible, sometimes stinky, and certainly dangerous dental plaque. While professional cleanings can remove calcified plaque buildup, it’s even better to prevent problems in the first place, and eating a health diet can help.

This means limiting sugar consumption! The new app, Drinks Destroy Teeth, aims to teach kids about why sugar is so problematic for their smiles, so they can make better choices and take better care for their teeth. It was developed by an Indiana-based dentist named Diane Buyer, who was sick of seeing kids struggle with dental decay.

While targeted to kids, the app also provides helpful educational resources for teachers and parents, as well.

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