Get Back to Work and Play with a Dental Implant

Get Back to Life with a Dental Implant

As a grandparent, is your life fuller than ever, with a mix of both work and play? Few things can make you feel young again, like spending time with your grandkids. Of course, it can be difficult to enjoy quality time with anyone, when you are busy worrying about your smile, or worse, suffering from discomfort as a result of an ill-fitting prosthetic. Adult tooth loss can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience, but it doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your life. In fact, modern dental prostheses are designed specifically to get you back to enjoying both work and play, with a confidence-inducing and functional completed smile!

Is Your incomplete Smile (or Prostheses) No Longer Working for You?

Whether you have recently lost a tooth or had one removed, or are looking to update an outdated or ill-fitting existing prostheses, a dental implant could be a wonderful option. That is because dental implants are the most complete and comprehensive way to restore a smile after tooth loss, as they alone help to replace both a missing tooth and its root.

By helping to mimic a healthy tooth root, the base of an implant actually nourishes the jaw while also stabilizing the prosthetic tooth. As with any prostheses, this also serves to protect the remaining teeth’s alignment, by preventing teeth from shifting to try to fill the created gap.

Dental implants take longer to complete, because they do require oral surgery to place the mimic tooth root. However, this base makes them the most permanent form of prosthetic available, today.

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