Esthetic restorative care for your smile

esthetic restorative care

It’s very easy to find yourself feeling like you’re so far away from a healthy and beautiful smile and that even if you wanted to, you probably wouldn’t be able to restore your grin. We understand that advanced issues like decay and esthetic damage, broken teeth, missing teeth, and more can make you ignore your desires for a lovely, functional smile as you talk yourself out of the possibility of improvement. Of course, this is why we like to remind patients that full-mouth reconstruction is an absolute option. It’s simply important that you understand how we feel about it, you know what to expect, and you give yourself just a little boost of motivation. Find out more about our Lake Forest, IL practice’s esthetic restorative care!

We’re Here To Design Your Smile Future

It’s very important to us that you recognize we are here to rely on the art of dentistry to help redesign your smile. Whether this means fixing a problematic tooth or offering you long-term, comprehensive care for multiple concerns, it’s what we do! Comprehensive esthetic restorative care means that we address every last detail associated with restoring your smile (bringing it back to its prior state of structural stability and health) and we do so with a beautiful, natural looking finish!

What You Can Expect

Expect a complete transformation that requires a bit of a journey. As you have already recognized, when you need a lot of work done, it can take more than just a visit and that’s okay. When you keep the end goal in sight, which is a beautiful, healthy, fully functioning smile, it’s easy to remind yourself that with several steps, you’ll get there! Talk with us about the esthetic restorative treatments we offer for a better understanding of what your care plan may entail. They may include:

How To Boost Your Motivation

Remember that all you really have to do is have a realistic and positive outlook and show up! We will work closely with you as we collaborate to focus on a personalized plan to address your unique smile concerns. Do you need teeth repaired due to breakage? Stains? Decay? Are you dealing with tooth loss? We will take your smile from its current state to what you’ve been visualizing for yourself all of these years. Come talk with us!

Learn more about esthetic restorative care

See us for the improvement your smile needs and the finish and beauty you want.  To schedule a consultation, call our office in Lake Forest, IL, today at 847-234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.