Enjoy you smile more with a Dental Implant?

Could You Enjoy Life More with a Dental Implant?

Have you struggled to finish meals, much less enjoy them, ever since you lost a tooth? In fact, have you come to dread your dinners with family, because of how awkward or uncomfortable chewing now feels? If so, it might be time to talk to your restorative dentist about how a dental implant could help. Implants are considered the most stable and secure way to complete a smile. They are also the most permanent solution for coping with adult tooth loss.

Address Your Tooth Loss with an Implant

Tooth loss, as an adult, can be a troubling thing. In fact, that is why many people who have suffered the loss of several teeth begin struggling with malnutrition. It simply becomes difficult or uncomfortable to chew with an incomplete smile.

Fortunately, modern prostheses can help to address tooth loss and improve the functionality of the smile, by creating stable restorations that look and feel more natural than unsupported dentures.

Enjoy a More Stable Smile

Dental implants, in particular, are a stable way to complete the smile because they are the only form of prostheses that relies on a biocompatible piece to mimic the role of a healthy tooth root, both in how it supports the replacement tooth or even dental bridge and also in the way it provides nourishment to the jaw.

By doing so, an implant can actually help the jaw retain its structure, while also providing confidence and comfort during chewing. The mimic root is also designed to last a lifetime, making implants the longest lasting form of smile completion available.

Improve Your Confidence with a Dental Implant

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