Close gaps between teeth

Close gaps between teeth

Fill spaces between your teeth with bridgework, crowns , or veneers.This smile was done with a mix of crowns and veneers.

Do you want to close gaps between teeth in your smile? A dental bridge is a common procedure used to fill the gap between two or more teeth. Dental bridges involve a synthetic, porcelain tooth, which is attached to two dental crowns on either side. These crowns are then fitted to the teeth that surround the gap where the bridge itself will go. Dr. Fondriest is proud to offer dental bridge services to those who find that dental implants are not the right choice for them.

How to Close the gap between teeth

Closing the gaps between teeth can be done using bonding, teeth veneers, crowns and bridges. The best choice usually depends on the size/s of the gap/s. Dental bridgework provides a number of benefits to those with missing teeth, or very large gaps between teeth. This cosmetic tool can help restore your bite so that chewing and speaking come more naturally. In addition to increasing the ease of these everyday activities, a dental bridge can improve your smile to its natural beauty, and help maintain the shape of your face and the position of your natural teeth. To see what dental bridges can do for your, check out our dental bridge before and after photo gallery.

Restorations that close gaps

We offer two types of dental bridges that will close gaps between teeth. All-porcelain bridges, and porcelain bridges that have a metal substructure supporting them (PFM Bridge). Dental bridges made entirely of porcelain are permanent tooth replacements, and can be easily manipulated to create pleasing esthetic results. For patients who suffer from bruxism, the clenching or grinding of teeth, dental bridges with a sturdy metal substructure are more appropriate, since tooth covers use a porcelain substructure that can chip or fracture if subjected to extreme pressure or force. The metal materials used by Dr. Fondriest are biocompatible, precious alloys, made primarily of gold.

Will I Suffer from Dental Bridge Problems?

When you have bridges to close the gaps between your teeth, you will have simple maintenance requirements. If you maintain good oral hygiene and don’t use your teeth for anything other than their intended purpose, you should expect dental bridges to last from ten to fifteen years. Your natural teeth are the foundations supporting your dental bridge, so maintaining your dental bridge means taking care of the rest of your teeth too. Dental bridges that become loose or fractured are usually the result of poor oral hygiene, or misuse of teeth. A tip from Dr. Fondriest: don’t open bottles with your dental bridge. Learn about proper oral hygiene care of bridges.

Learn more about how to close gaps between teeth

Some gaps between teeth are smaller and can be filled or closed with bonding alone. If a tooth was never lost, then usually the space is much smaller and simple tooth reshaping will fill the bill.

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