Our Commitment to You

In a world that’s constantly introducing new scientific and technological advancements, it’s easy for medical professionals to lose sight of the importance of personalized, caring doctor-patient relationships. Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. James Fondriest realizes the need for each and every one of his patients to have a personal, comfortable experience in our Lake Forest dental office, so he abides by a philosophy we refer to as “the human touch.”

The Human Touch

The practice of dental care with a human touch is just as it sounds. By honoring our commitment to continued education, patient education, total health dentistry, advanced technology, and honest and open doctor-patient relationships, we’ve created more than just your typical dental office for our patients. We like to think that we’ve given our patients a safe haven to voice their concerns, ask questions, make executive decisions about their dental care, and, hopefully, become the best version of themselves through unparalleled general, restorative, and cosmetic dental work and the self-confidence that comes with it.

Additionally, we feel that it’s important to limit the size of our practice to maintain this standard and our “boutique practice” feel. We don’t want your dental appointments to feel like a fast-moving assembly line. Instead, we want you to feel taken care of, valued, and completely comfortable.

Turning Over a New Leaf in 2012

If you’re in search of a new dental health home, we hope that you’ll consider our commitment to excellence. Choosing and trusting a new dentist to restore and make over your smile is a big decision that takes time, research, and a leap of faith. Let us make the decision easier for you.

Whether you’re overdue for a dental cleaning and exam, considering cosmetic dentistry, or on the hunt for a new dental home, we hope to see you in our dental chair in 2012. To reserve an appointment for early in the year, call Lake Forest Dental Arts, located in Lake Forest, Illinois, at (847) 234-0517.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones from Lake Forest Dental Arts!

Our practice serves the Chicago metropolitan area including the North Shore and Northwest suburbs

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