Black Triangles Between Teeth

Sometimes, the upper front teeth have black triangles between them, just under the gum line. The dark spaces are simply a lack of light, but they can be unsightly. This condition is often caused by gum recession, either from the natural effects of aging or from periodontal disease. Fortunately, correcting the dark triangles is possible with cosmetic dentistry.

In the case pictured here, Dr. Fondriest applied porcelain veneers to the front six teeth. The result is astounding. In addition to correcting the black triangles, this particular patient’s veneers

Black triangles between teeth

This patient complained that spaces were beginning to open up between her teeth in the shape of a black triangle. Food would collect in the spaces and it was unsightly. Her treatment was to get veneers which ultimately filled the spaces. See the finished look.

also corrected tooth alignment, occlusion, and provided permanent teeth whitening.

Dr. Fondriest’s other before and after cases can be viewed in his smile gallery.  All of the photos on his website are of his actual patients, and Dr. Fondriest was the photographer. As a cosmetic dentist, he takes great pride in his cases. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Fondriest, call Lake Forest Dental Arts at 847-234-0517.

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