4 Ways Your Chicago Dentist Can Improve Your Love Life

Getting that first kiss just right is pretty important, but even more important is just getting to that point in the first place. With a few pointers from your Chicago dentist you should be on your way to that special moment in no time.

1. Brush and Floss for Fresh Breath

Forgive us for getting back to basics, but just in case you needed one more reason to brush and floss every day, we’re here to give it to you. Brushing and flossing are the cornerstones of effective hygiene, and without them you’ll likely be stuck with a mouth that no one would even imagine kissing. Teeth covered in plaque are more likely to be stained by food and drink, and a tongue covered in bacteria will make your breath smell bad no matter how well you think you’ve been brushing.

2. Whiten Your Teeth

Have you ever tried talking to someone new without smiling first? It doesn’t really happen. So why not improve on the recipe by whitening that smile. Even if you’ve just brushed your teeth and have the cleanest mouth imaginable, a set of yellow teeth might suggest otherwise. Talk to your Lake Forest dentist about whitening treatments; we recommend our professional at home whitening treatments, because they are more lasting and effective than in-office treatments.

3. The Fallout from Gum Disease

Lackluster oral hygiene can lead to the dreaded gum disease, and nothing makes for a worse icebreaker than conversation about your battle with gum disease. Not to mention the accompanying red and swollen gums which leave your mouth in last place for most kissable.

4. Avoid a Gapless Grin

Gum disease that has gone too far often results in tooth loss. Informal surveys of the population at large have determined that toothless grins are only considered adorable if you’re 65 or older, so we recommend heading to your Lake Forest dental office immediately to discuss your options for completing your smile. We offer a number of options to replace missing teeth, from dental bridges to permanent dental implants. Because the loss of a tooth poses risks not only to your love life, but to your overall health as well, it is very important to consult with your Chicago dentist if you have suffered the loss of an adult tooth.

Let Us Help You Today

It’s never too early to start working on your smile. Schedule an appointment with your Lake Forest dental office today and we can work together to make your smile the best it’s ever been. You can contact our office by calling (847) 234-0517. We gladly serve patients from the Chicago metropolitan area, including the North Shore and Northwest suburbs.

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