Losing teeth

losing teeth

When you experience tooth loss, prompt action can benefit you. Seeking a prosthetic restoration for a missing tooth, or missing teeth, will help you avoid the issues this problem can create. Individuals who do leave a smile gap untreated can have a harder time biting and chewing food, and may feel reluctant to smile because of the way they look. Over time, your remaining teeth may shift, you can develop uncomfortable TMJ problems, and lose mass in your jawbone. Your Lake Forest, IL dentist can help you restore your incomplete smile using a modern approach to prosthetic care. Using a dental implant to support a life-like restoration can allow you to regain your confidence when you smile, and address the various issues that are created when your dental function is compromised by tooth loss.

How Unaddressed Tooth Loss Can Affect You Over Time

The immediate effects of tooth loss can involve feelings of self-consciousness, and frustration over the difficulty you have with biting and chewing. While these may be the first issues you deal with, they are not the only ones likely to affect you. Teeth next to an empty space can shift, which can lead to dental alignment problems, or future losses. Your jawbone will lose mass over time because of missing teeth, which can hurt your appearance, and your ability to successfully address the problem of tooth loss.

Making Sure You Enjoy Long-Term Support From Your Prosthetic

With a dental crown, or other prosthetic type, held in place by a dental implant, you can enjoy support that allows you to practice basic dental functions while feeling great about your appearance. Your implant can actually produce the stimulation that was once delivered by your now-absent tooth root (or roots), which will help you to address concerns around jawbone resorption. Our practice is ready to help you plan your prosthetic work, and we can provide a second opinion appointment to help you determine if a proposed restorative treatment is the right one.

Addressing losing teeth

At Lake Forest Dental Arts, you can enjoy great smile support when you look for an answer to tooth loss. To schedule a consultation, call our office in Lake Forest, IL, today at 847-234-0517. In addition to taking great care of Lake Forest residents’ smiles, we also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.