Untreated gingivitis | Treat Gum Disease to Prevent Tooth Loss

Gum Disease Treatment in Chicago

One of the worst things you can do for your oral health is ignoring the signs of gum disease. Leaving gingivitis untreated can lead to periodontitis. The advanced stages of gum disease include gingival recession, extreme tooth sensitivity, and possible tooth loss. While gum disease is not curable, the progression of gum disease can be stopped with swift treatment and proper oral hygiene.

What should I do if I have untreated gingivitis?

Untreated gingivitis will not heal overtime or eventually go away. Keeping gingivitis from evolving into worse dental health problems involves spotting the signs and taking action. Symptoms of gingivitis include gum tissue that appears deep red or purple, gingival bleeding during your oral hygiene routine, sensitive gums, and chronic bad breath. If you notice these signs of gingivitis, you should see our Chicago dentist immediately for a dental cleaning. During this professional cleaning, Dr. Fondriest will remove the bacteria inflaming your gums. In addition, our Lake Forest dental professionals can give you tips for better oral hygiene so that you can keep gingivitis at bay.

What can I do to treat gum disease?

The most effective treatment for gum disease is scaling and root planing. Using special dental tools, our Chicago dentist will begin by clearing away plaque buildup from around the tooth. Often referred to as deep cleaning, root planing involves removing infection beneath the gum line and smoothing the tooth root so that the healed gum tissue can successfully reattach.

What if I have periodontitis?

In the advanced stages of gum disease, treatment may keep you from losing teeth. Periodontitis involves deep infections beneath the gum line that cause the gums to recede from the tooth root. The bacteria can attack the jawbone creating deterioration where the root tip attaches to the alveolar bone. Without support from the gum tissue and the jawbone, your tooth will become loose and eventually fall out. For periodontitis treatment, Dr. Fondriest may prescribe antibiotics to keep the infection from spreading after performing intensive scaling and root planing. Additionally, frequent dental cleanings will keep bacteria at bay. If tooth loss has occurred, our Chicago dentist will take steps to restore your jawbone and gum tissue to good health before advising restorative dentistry measures.

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Chicago

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