Teeth Caps, benefits and uses

Teeth caps

Do you suffer from a chronic toothache? Do you find chewing and sometimes even talking to be difficult and painful? These are all common symptoms of advanced tooth decay. If left untreated, tooth decay can spread, infecting, and eventually even killing, your tooth. Often, a tooth cap or dental crown will be recommended to restore your damaged tooth. Learn how our state-of-the-art teeth caps can repair your teeth and improve your smile.

Modern dental restorations are designed specifically to mimic the size, shape, appearance, and function of healthy, natural teeth. For instance, when the top part of a tooth, or crown, is damaged or decayed, then a tooth cap or dental crown can be fashioned to completely cover and protect it. Teeth caps are designed according the unique specifications of a patient’s natural tooth crown. When bonded in place, the crown can restore your tooth’s function as well as the balance and function of your entire bite.

What are Teeth Caps?

A crown is a cap that fits completely over an affected tooth. Crowns prevent further infection and help preserve the remaining tooth structure. A dental crown helps restore your smile to full function and appearance.

How Do I Know If I Need a Cap?

Crowns are used to repair teeth damaged by either cavities or injury. When the thin layer of enamel coating your teeth becomes damaged, the inner tooth structure known as dentin becomes exposed. Once bacteria reach the dentin, tooth decay begins. Over time, decay will spread into the dentin and eventually reach the inner pulp. Your pulp is a bundle of living tissue, the nerve center of your teeth. The pulp regulates the flow of blood and nutrients to and from the tooth, keeping your teeth healthy. Once infected, your tooth can become abscessed and eventually die, requiring removal. Symptoms of a tooth that may need a crown include: tooth sensitivity, toothache, and difficulty chewing.

Benefits of Teeth Caps

Porcelain crowns are custom-made based on an impression of your teeth taken by Dr. Fondriest.  Porcelain reflects light in a similar manner as tooth enamel, allowing your new crown to look completely natural. In addition, the crown can be shaded to blend seamlessly with your smile. Metal-fused-to-porcelain crowns often leave a dark line along the gum line. This occurs when the gums recede. Since porcelain crowns contain no metal, patients don’t need to worry about the exposure of unsightly dark lines.

Artistic Smile Design

When preparing your crown, Dr. Fondriest takes several steps to ensure you receive a strong and esthetically pleasing restoration. Dr. Fondriest believes in artistic smile design, the idea that your dental work should reflect your personality and match your unique facial features.

What is a tooth cap made from?

Like all modern dental treatments, every tooth cap is crafted with the patient’s unique dental needs and preferences in mind. To ensure optimal results for everyone, we offer a variety of crowns. They are made from lifelike porcelains such as Emax, Zirconium, or Procera. They amy use a metal base as in porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM). With the ability to mimic a tooth’s color, shade, and ability to reflect light, porcelain offers highly lifelike results. For teeth that are under intense pressure, like the molars in the back of your mouth, your dentist can create a PFM crown that’s lifelike in appearance as well as durable enough to withstand the greatest of your bite’s pressure.

What if my tooth can’t be saved?

The good thing about today’s tooth caps is that they can restore your smile even if your tooth itself can’t be saved. For instance, when combined with a dental implant (a prosthetic root-like post), a crown can be used to replace a lost or extracted tooth. An implant-supported crown can replace a lost tooth without having to rely on the support of healthy adjacent teeth, like a traditional dental bridge.

Receiving Your Tooth Cap

Dr. Fondriest will sit down with you to discuss your smile goals. He will then perform a thorough oral examination. After assessing the state of your dental health, Dr. Fondriest may recommend a dental crown. He will take note of your facial features, lip drape, how your mouth moves during speech, and many other factors before designing your custom-made restoration.

After preparing the surface of your tooth, Dr. Fondriest will take the impression that will be used to create your porcelain crown. An expert ceramist will construct your crown, and in the meantime Dr. Fondriest will prescribe a set of temporary crowns. Once your custom-made crowns are complete Dr. Fondriest will check the fit to ensure comfort and accuracy. He will then place your new crown using a powerful bonding agent. When you leave Lake Forest Dental Arts, you will have a gorgeous new smile restoration.

Caring for Your Porcelain Crown

Patients should care for their crowns as they would their natural teeth. Maintain proper dental habits, such as brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once. Also, remember to rinse regularly with an antibacterial mouthwash. These steps help cleanse the mouth of harmful bacteria and food particles, protecting your natural teeth and new restoration from tooth decay.

Learn More About Modern Teeth Caps

Today’s modern dental crowns offer a variety of restorative and cosmetic benefits, depending on your specific dental needs. To find out which dental crown is right for you, schedule a consultation by calling us at 847-234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities.

Do you experience frequent toothaches? Do you have a damaged tooth? You may require a crown. Talk to Dr. Fondriest today! Porcelain crowns are a popular method of smile improvement, protecting and preserving your smile. Call today for a diagnosis and to discuss whether porcelain crowns are right for you. We offer patients the latest in innovative restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to obtain healthy, beautiful smiles. Call your us at 847-234-0517.

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