Smile Need a Dental Crown? Here’s Why Porcelain Is Prized!

Porcelain Crowns Can Restore Your Smile

Dental crowns can be incredibly useful forms of smile restoration. That is why they are often suggested as a means of addressing many dental issues, from chips to cavities. But as a patient, one of the most exciting aspects of receiving a dental crown, may just be the esthetic benefits! Porcelain crowns allow a dentist to do more than protect your tooth; the crown can also help your smile look as lovely as it did before you faced a dental dilemma, and what’s better than that?

Why Porcelain Is Becoming So Popular

Unlike metal crowns, which offer functional benefits as a form of restorative treatment but often leave patients feeling insecure because of their obvious dental work, porcelain crowns provide unique benefits that, in many cases, exceed what metal can do for a smile.

All crowns can be used to protect fragile teeth. In some cases, a crown is used to stop a tooth from further decay, often caused by a cavity. In other cases, crowns are recommended to help protect a chipped or cracked tooth. Without protection, normal wear can cause a chip to worsen, potentially leading to the loss of the entire tooth. That is why restorative treatment is often necessary when a tooth has become damaged, or even after root canal, treatment which can be used to save the tooth, but leaves it vulnerable if left unsealed. Crowns can even be used to cope with tooth loss, as part of a dental bridge or a dental implant!

But when you and your dentist select a porcelain crown, it can be used to improve the esthetics of the smile, as well. This can be particularly helpful if a deep cavity, infection, root canal treatment or other procedure has left the tooth noticeably incomplete or otherwise damaged.

Yes, the tooth needs functional support and protection from infection. But it also needs to look healthy and complete, once again. This is where a porcelain crown often comes in, helping to seamlessly blend with the rest of the smile as well.

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