Smile Looking Less Than Ideal? It Could Be Time for a Gum Lift

Consider a Gum Lift

While dazzling white teeth are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think about beautiful smiles, they are only one half of the equation involved in maintaining both a healthy and lovely smile. The other equally important aspect of a great smile is healthy and proportional gums. When excessive gum tissue grows it can cause the gumline to look asymmetrical, and worse, the teeth to appear abnormally small. If you feel you’re suffering from a “gummy” smile, the good news is that there is help. A cosmetic gum lift can help enhance the esthetics of your smile by creating a more shapely gumline, and revealing your beautiful teeth.

What Is a Gum Lift?

During a gum lift a dentist, periodontist (gum specialist) or oral surgeon will carefully remove excessive gum tissue, helping to improve the overall appearance of the smile in the process. While gum lifts are considered more invasive than many of the other forms of cosmetic dentistry, modern technology has drastically reduced the discomfort and recovery time associated with the procedure.

That’s because modern gum lifts can be performed using a laser, which sutures as the dentist sculpts, allowing for a much quicker recovery, and far less bleeding as well. Anesthesia and possibly a sedative will be used during the procedure to keep you comfortable. Then, after recovery, you’ll be left with a more beautiful and proportional smile.

Teamwork Often Provides the Best Treatment

Many cosmetic dentists prefer to work closely with oral surgeons to help plan a patient’s ideal smile. This way the patient can trust that the results will be artistic and beautiful, as well as designed to achieve the patient’s desired outcome.

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