Plan a Smile-healthy Holiday Party

Healthy Party Ideas

Are you planning on having your friends and family over for an upcoming holiday party? Fall and winter are filled with festive opportunities to host get-togethers with loved ones. Unfortunately, this can often lead to over indulgences that can be bad for people’s waistlines, and often their oral health, as well. If you want to opt for healthier alternatives to traditional party fare, in order to help keep you and your guests healthy throughout the busy holiday season, consider these dentist-approved alternatives!

Choose Delicious, Yet Healthy Snacks

While most people love indulging in sugary treats, especially around the holiday season, items with lots of sugar can be especially bad for teeth, because the plaque bacteria feed on these sugars (and other simple starches), creating acidity in the mouth. Over time, this is what causes cavities and contributes to the development of gum disease, as well.

To avoid oral health problems, choose foods that are low in sugar, especially added sugars, meaning those that aren’t naturally occurring in foods and beverages like fruits or even milk.

Fresh veggie trays are one great party option, particularly when paired with a variety of dips (think almond butter, homemade ranch dips, hummus, etc.) or with a variety of cheeses.

Crackers, pretzels and other salty snacks are also great additions, especially when you have a variety of fruits to compliment the saltiness. Again, since fruits are naturally sweet, they can help satisfy a sweet tooth while still providing much-needed nutrients.

Serve Water with the Other Beverages

Another common source of high calorie consumption, and especially sugar intake, is through beverages. So be sure to provide plenty of water to your guests, as it is the most smile-friendly (and generally healthiest) beverage on the planet. While waters flavored with fruits, herbs and even vegetables are party-worthy, it is important to choose items with low acidity, since acid (like that found in high amounts in citrus foods) can lead to enamel erosion as well.

Alcohol and caffeine are also common causes of dehydration, which is bad for both the body and the smile. So again, make sure guests have easy access to plenty of H20!

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