Benefits of a beautiful smile – Show Off Your Smile at Work

There are many benefits of a beautiful smile. That includes getting ahead at work. You probably remember having “show and tell” days in elementary school, when you would bring in a personal item and discuss it with your classmates. On January 8, you can show off something at work for Show and Tell Day at Work. Rather than discussing your employee of the year trophy or family vacation photos, Dr. James Fondriest can give you a bright smile that’s worth showing off.

Recent Study Connects Smiling to Professional Success

Are you looking to move up in your profession and finish projects more efficiently? You can smile your way to success. That’s right; with a good attitude and a great smile you are more likely to make better decisions and think more abstractly. According to a recent study by two universities, smiling can help not only your social life but also improve your professional life. This may seem like a logical explanation considering it is human nature to be drawn to positive individuals. However, it may be difficult to frequently smile if you are embarrassed by your teeth. Dr. James Fondriest encourages you to seek personal and professional success by improving your smile. Porcelain veneers are one way our Lake Forest cosmetic dentist can have you smiling brightly.

Work Interaction

About 83 percent of people interact with co-workers on a daily basis, and about 76 percent of employees interact with clients or customers. A friendly smile can leave a better first impression and lead to better relationships. For example, if your new clients like your smile, they’ll want to take more time to meet with you, creating more leads for potential sales. About 42 percent of people say the least attractive thing about their co-workers is “not smiling,” followed closely by bad breath. A straight, white smile will make people want to spend time around your desk. Visit Dr. Fondriest to cover your flaws and keep your breath fresh.

Work Performance

Adults miss about 164 million hours of work each year for dental problems and treatments. When your tooth is constantly aching, you probably won’t be working as effectively. A healthy, beautiful smile will improve your confidence and your attitude, thereby improving your performance. If you’re not embarrassed by smile imperfections, you’ll want to smile more, which makes you look more optimistic and draws people in. Studies have shown that people who smile are more likely to be promoted.

The Correlation between Success and Smiling

More than three-quarters of people eat during the day at their workplace; however, only 14 percent of people brush after eating. It’s important to clean your mouth after lunch to keep your mouth feeling and smelling fresh. Women are more likely to brush at the office than men, because stereotypically they focus more on their appearances. The Academy of General Dentistry recommends leaving an extra toothbrush or dental travel kit at work to increase your likelihood of brushing by about 65 percent. In addition, some employers offer health insurance and dental coverage to keep their employees healthy and in good attendance.

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