Replace missing and damaged teeth with dental implants

At Lake Forest Dental Arts, we recommend dental implants as a way to replace missing and damaged teeth. Dental implants are a secure, long lasting option for those who have lost teeth to accident or periodontal disease. While dental implants have a high success rate, they are not for everyone. Certain health conditions and lifestyle choices may limit your ability to receive implants successfully. The following is a general guide to patient candidacy for dental implants. Please remember, this is only a guide. Dr. James Fondriest works closely with his patients to determine the best dental procedures to meet their individual needs.

Candidacy Requirements for Dental Implants

Surgically placed in the jaw, the posts of dental implants mimic the roots of natural teeth. Dental implants are made from biocompatible titanium and encourage the fusion of bone to implant posts. This creates a secure base upon which a dental crown is attached, replacing a missing tooth in its entirety. There are certain health requirements patients must meet in order for bone to attach itself successfully to an implant post.

You must have proper jawbone density to receive dental implants. If a patient does not have enough bone tissue, the placement procedure will not succeed. There are still options for those with bone deficiency, however. A bone graft can restore bone tissue. Once the graft heals, a local specialist can place the implant.

Patients who wish to receive dental implants must have healthy gums and teeth. Those with periodontal disease are not ideal candidates because the gum and bone tissue surrounding the implant will not heal properly. If you suffer from gum disease, but still wish to receive a dental implant, you must first undergo periodontal treatment to reverse the effects of the disease. After proper treatment, patients can usually receive implants.

You must be in good overall health to receive dental implants. Certain medical conditions inhibit proper healing at the site of the implant. You should disclose all pre-existing medical conditions to Dr. Fondriest in order to determine your candidacy for implants. Even with diseases like diabetes, which slow the healing process after surgery, patients might still receive implants successfully.

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