North Shore Prosthodontics

North Shore Prosthodontics

Dr. James Fondriest began practicing as a general dentist, for which he is licensed in the state of Illinois, and over the span of his decades long career he’s undergone extensive training in the fields of cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and prosthodontics. Today, we will explain what the field of prosthodontics is so that you can better understand Dr. Fondriest’s level of expertise.

Who Are Prosthodontists?

Prosthodontists are dentists that have significant advanced training in the field of prosthodontics. They focus on the esthetic aspects of dental work and on the restoration and replacement of teeth to renew the beauty and function of patients’ smiles. Dentists must undergo between two and three years of post dental school training or equivalent before becoming an expert in prosthodontics. Dentists can receive this training in Dental school supported post-graduate programs or through other less structured but no less rigorous post graduate avenues.

What Training Do Prosthodontists Undergo?

To become proficient in prosthodontics, a dentist must take 2000+ of continuing education beyond dental school.  There is the slow unsupervised process of learning from multiple post graduate sources or to go through a university based program which is accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). Along with reviews of literature and lectures, the training includes treating patients and practice fabricating restorations in a dental laboratory. Typically, if you plan on remaking your smile with a mouth reconstruction, then you should look for a dentist that specializes in prosthodontics.

Dr. Fondriest’s Experience in Prosthodontics

Dr. Fondriest has over 5000 hrs of post graduate training and has then provided over 3500 hrs of training to prosthodontists. He upholds the highest esthetic and professional standards. He keeps up with the latest in technological changes while maintaining the standards upon which his education was built. He is an active member of the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, the Academy of Osseointegration, the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, and other prestigious professional organizations. Dr. Fondriest is the acclaimed author of numerous technical articles and is a renowned lecturer. He is a former Adjunct Associate Professor of Prosthodontics at the University of Florida.

Dr. Fondriest is dedicated to improving the beauty of his patients’ smiles while also caring for their dental health. He continues to provide general dental services along with stellar restorative and cosmetic dental services to patients in Lake Forest, IL, along with the North Shore and greater Chicago areas. For your appointment, call Lake Forest Dental Arts at 847-234-0517.

Dr Fondriest is a Nationally recognized and highly sought after cosmetic dentist serving clients from throughout the United States