Is It Time to Complete Your Smile? Part Two

Time to Complete Your Smile

Do you ever feel like you must settle for an incomplete smile, or that you will never experience the confidence you felt before tooth loss? Has an existing denture become uncomfortable, but you worry that nothing can really be done to improve its fit, or your comfort? Think again! Modern dental prosthetics make it possible to rebound from tooth loss with a renewed sense of comfort, and with great confidence, as well. So if you are ready to stop settling, where your smile is concerned, it’s time to talk to your prosthetic dentist about how and why completing your smile should be a top priority in 2017!

Why Should the Smile Be Completed?

Even if the missing tooth is not highly visible, that does not mean there is no reason to complete the smile. In fact, there are actually a number of important reasons to address adult tooth loss, even if esthetic concerns are not one of them.

1.. Seeking dental treatment after tooth loss gives the dentist an opportunity to examine your smile, and see if any other teeth are at risk of falling out. If so, restorative treatment can often prevent the loss of additional teeth, or prevent the need for extraction.

  1. Without completing the smile, alignment problems can arise That is because remaining teeth have a tendency to want to shift to fill any gaps that are created. This can cause esthetic concerns, as well as functional ones, since misaligned smiles can make chewing difficult, and also increase a person’s risk of jaw-related pain due to teeth grinding or simply poor chewing.
  2. Some dental prostheses, namely dental implants, are even able to help prevent jaw shrinkage, because they help to supply nutrients to the jaw as one chews, allowing for less visible changes to both the smile and the facial structure, over time, than without this tooth root replacement.

Are You Unhappy with an Existing Prostheses

Whether you have recently lost a tooth, or have discovered that you are no longer happy with an existing prostheses, such as an unsupported denture, If you feel your smile could look or function better, why not schedule a consultation with your restorative dentist? In many cases, modern prostheses can be used to help improve a patient’s smile, functionally and esthetically as well.

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