Is It Time for a Gum Lift?

A Gum Lift Can Help Your Smile?

When you look in the mirror, are you concerned because your smile lacks the youthfulness it once had? Staining is one common way smiles can begin to look aged, and even dingy over time. In fact, the teeth’s enamel is strong, but porous, which means most people will experience some degree of discoloration as they age, without cosmetic treatment, that is. It is also common for teeth to begin to show wear along the edges, after years of chewing, and especially if a patient is a subconscious teeth grinder, such as those who suffer from bruxism. However, another less common way smiles can begin to look aged is when the gum tissue begins to grow excessively, covering more of the teeth than it once did. This can often make the teeth look misshapen or small. Fortunately, a gum lift can help reverse this effect, leading to a more beautiful and even a more youthful smile!

When The Gums Are the Problem, a Gum Lift Can Help

If your gum tissue is the reason for your cosmetic concern, a gum lift can help. This involves carefully sculpting away excessive portions of the gum tissue, in order to create a more symmetrical and pleasing gumline, as well as to reveal more of the teeth.

In cases where the teeth look disproportionately small or misshapen, it is important to consult with a cosmetic dentist about whether the teeth are actually the issue, or whether the gum tissue could be to blame. If the gum tissue is the problem, a skilled cosmetic dentist can help devise a plan for a gum lift that will lead to natural-looking enhancements you can enjoy for years to come.

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