Anti-inflammatory Herbs for Gums | Herbal Remedies for Your Gums

Herbal Remedies for Your Gums

Anti-inflammatory Herbal Remedies for Your Gums

Have you considered anti-inflammatory herbal remedies for your gums? Most commonly associated with sunburn relief, aloe vera can also be beneficial for your gums by alleviating ulcers. Applied directly, the antibacterial properties of aloe vera can help your ulcers heal faster. If you have a toothache, contact us right away, then you can try to ease your discomfort with oil of clove. Applied to the area with a cotton swab, the anesthetic properties of clove are said to relieve acute pain. Another great herb for your gums, sage is a strong astringent that can tighten gum tissue and soothe mucous membranes in your mouth. You can try this remedy by drinking sage tea.

Teas for Fresher Breath and Reduced Risk of Cavities

Peppermint has long been a favorite flavor in toothpastes, breath mints, mouthwashes, and floss. The menthol in this herb makes breath fresher with that tingling feeling. You can try unsweetened peppermint tea to reap these benefits. Tea tree is another antibacterial which kills the bacteria which cause cavities and gum disease. With three drops of this essential oil added to a half cup of water, this mouthrinse can help you fight off harmful pathogens.

Tea and Coffee Drinkers See Epigenetic Changes in Cancer and Hormone Genes

Studies are showing that active natural chemicals in tea and coffee could be involved in cancer and estrogen metabolism. Several studies suggested that the catechins  found in coffee and tea play a role in decreasing risk in humans by suppressing tumor progression, decreasing inflammation and influencing estrogen metabolism

Cocoa Beans

Cocoa beans used to make dark chocolate have antibacterial properties that can combat tooth cavities. These properties fight the bad bacteria in your oral cavity. By reducing harmful oral bacteria, eating chocolate can balance out the levels of sugar and bacteria in your mouth.

Teeth Cleaning with Herbs

Natural remedies come  from several cultures around the world as a preliminary toothbrush: chewing sticks. In India, the neem tree, or “Nature’s Pharmacy”, offered antibacterial properties that prevent plaque and clean teeth with the bristles of a frayed twig. In the early Americas, other trees like dogwood were popular “chaw sticks”. Another plaque inhibitor, stevia is a sweetener from the sunflower family which can be used as a replacement for sugar in some recipes. As an added benefit, stevia has also been known to reduce hypertension.

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Of course, herbal supplements are not a complete replacement for twice-daily brushing and flossing and regular dental cleanings. For more information about maintaining proper oral hygiene or to schedule an appointment at 847-234-0517. We can offer a wide range of dental treatments for patients from the North Shore and Chicago.