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Yes, selecting dental implants for your smile feels like a huge deal because you are certainly making a serious investment, you’re choosing something that is typically permanent, and you’re going to undergo surgery. However, if you are happy with the details and you plan on moving forward, then you may just have some minor questions weighing on your mind that are starting to feel sort of massive. For instance, you may worry that after all of this work, it may prove difficult to care for implants. The good news? There’s nothing to feel worried about! Even better? We’ve got your guidelines for cleaning dental implants ready.

You’ll Brush Your Teeth

As you always do (assuming you actually care for your smile the right away, of course), you will brush your teeth. You’ll continue on with your usual format of using nonabrasive paste on soft bristles. Then, you’ll brush your smile (the entire thing) for a full two minutes, getting every surface you can reach. You’ll brush this way twice a day (in the morning and evening).

You’ll Floss, Too

Yep, you’re going to keep flossing every day. It’s essential for natural teeth and gums. It’s also essential that you floss around dental implants to prevent nearby gum tissue from become inflamed or diseased (and then leading to problems with your implants).

Don’t Forget General Dental Care

As for the rest of your usual smile care, you will need to keep up with the professional aspects, too. You’ll brush and floss and you will need to schedule cleanings and checkups just like always (that means one time for every six-month period).

See Our Team Questions on Cleaning your Dental Implants

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