Custom fitted crowns for long term beauty

Custom Fitted Crowns

This patient overcame great fear of dentistry from a previous bad experience. In the end, we enjoyed creating custom crowns and dental bridges for her. We anticipate her crowns lasting a very long time.

Our teeth handle a great deal of abuse from masticating hard foods to erosion by acid producing bacteria. If you damage teeth through eating habits and poor dental care, and a filling, onlay, or inlay can’t correct the damaged tooth structure, you may need a crown. Do you know the procedure for placing a crown? In this article, Dr. James Fondriest explains the details of custom fitted crowns.

Crown Fitting

Receiving a crown begins with a proper diagnosis. Tooth decay can reach tooth walls or deepen to the point that fillings can further damage teeth. A large filling can act as a wedge between undamaged portions of a tooth and split it apart when under pressure.

In cases of major damage or decay, Dr. Fondriest uses porcelain crowns to completely cover a damaged tooth. He will shape the tooth so a crown can snugly fit over it. After taking dental impressions, an off site will lab shape the crown to fit your bite and resemble the color of the rest of your teeth. While technicians create your dental restoration, you will wear temporary crowns. The placement process finishes with the custom fitted crowns being bonded to the reshaped teeth.  Your bite will be restored to its original strength, at your follow up visit.

How to diagnose bad crowns and bridges

How do you know for sure that your crown needs replacing? Dr. Fondriest replaces loose or broken dental restorations. If you feel your old crown doesn’t fit as well as it should, see your dentist to explore new options in cosmetic dentistry.  A loose crown may indicate that the natural tooth under the crown has decayed under the gum line. It will require a second look from your dentist.

If the crown meets food or an opposing tooth before the rest of your teeth, the alignment of your restoration needs evaluation. Excessive space between your natural teeth and a crown indicates an ill fitting restoration, as well. Gaps between teeth and a crown allow food particles and plaque to settle between, encouraging tooth decay. A well done custom fitted crown should have a service life of 15 years or more. It will not have the issues listed above until it has reached the end of it’s service.

There are many cost factors that determine why crowns are so expensive. Quality and cost are measured by longevity and how well it replicates the former tooth it replaced.

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Creating attractive custom fitted fake ceramic teeth is an art. See Dr. Fondriest if you need a dental implant restored, recently had a root canal, or a dental crown replaced. He offers high quality porcelain restorations and PFM crowns that mimic natural healthy teeth. Call our  office at (847) 234-0517 to schedule an appointment .

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