Could a Gum Lift Be What Your Smile Needs?

Could a Gum Lift Help Your Smile?

As you age, you may notice an increasing number of cosmetic issues. While staining and visible wear are two of the most common complaints, they are hardly the only effects that can cause your smile to look aged, and less than its best. Excessive gum tissue is another way a smile can start to look dated. Fortunately, even it can be addressed through cosmetic dentistry, namely a gum lift. While gum lifts are more invasive than many other forms of cosmetic dentistry, if the gums are the cause of concern, not the teeth, a gum lift may be the best way to help improve the overall appearance of your smile, and to increase your confidence as well!

Sometimes the Teeth Aren’t the Cause for Concern

Again, the first step in determining if a gum lift is right for you, is speaking to your dentist candidly about your cosmetic concerns, so he or she can help diagnose the cause of your insecurity. If your teeth appear small, for instance, it could be because they are simply disproportionately-sized, they could have been worn during excessive wear, or it could be because the gum tissue has begun to grow excessively, causing some of the teeth to appear much smaller than they actually are. In these situations, a gum lift may be the recommended form of smile enhancement.

How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Help design Your Smile Makeover

A skilled cosmetic dentist can help devise a specific plan for your gum lift, which might then be performed either by the skilled dentist or in many cases by an oral surgeon. That is because a gum lift requires carefully and surgically removing portions of the gum tissue.

Fortunately, modern advancements allow this procedure to be performed using a laser, which helps to seal the tissue as the dentist sculpts, allowing for faster and more comfortable procedure and recovery time.

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