Beware Drinks That Could Damage Your Oral Health

Drinks that Could Be Bad for Your Dental Health

In your efforts to keep your smile healthy, this year, you may have already made some important changes. For instance, you might have overhauled your hygiene routine, scheduled routine cleanings, or even improved your diet. Unfortunately, one of the last places people often think to look, when it comes to their dental health, is one of the most important and often most detrimental, and that is their drinking glasses. If you want to avoid cavities, gum disease, and other forms of oral health threats, you need to be careful what you’re drinking on a daily basis.

Sodas Aren’t the Only Beverages That Can Damage Enamel

You may already have heard that sodas can be particularly troublesome for teeth. That is because they are high in both acidity and sugar. Sugar allows the bacteria in your mouth to multiply, leading to potential cavity development, gingivitis, and other threats. Acidity can lead to erosion of your teeth’s enamel, making them more susceptible to dental problems as well as staining.

Sodas are hardly the only drinks that are high in sugar, though, and they are not the only acidic drinks, either. Here are a few other drinks, and ingredients, to be careful consuming. While most things are fine in moderation, remember the bulk of your hydration should come from good, old-fashioned H20!

  • Coffee and tea are both acidic, which can damage the enamel of the teeth. Many people also drink them loaded with sugar, which can be bad news for your oral health. The caffeine in these beverages can also cause a drying effect, which can require you drink even more water to stay properly hydrated and to avoid dry mouth.
  • Red wine can be acidic and high in sugar content, as well. Alcohol can also lead to dry mouth. So while many doctors recommend it for its heart benefits, you should definitely be smart about how much red wine you consume. If possible, brush your teeth after enjoying a glass!
  • The addition of lemon to your water can make it seem fresh and less boring, but it also greatly increases its acidity. So don’t make water infused with acidic fruits a main part of your diet. The same goes for smoothies, juices and other beverages that might have nutritious value, but could also be laden with sugars (even the naturally occurring kind) and acidity.
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