Artistic Dentistry Could Make Your Smile Even Prettier

Artistic Dentistry Smile Painter

When was the last time you loved the smile staring back at you in the mirror? If it has been years, if ever, then it’s time to discover how a cosmetic dentist could help. Artistic dentistry involves creating a customized series of cosmetic treatment to help drastically improve the appearance of a smile that has either been damaged by years of wear, or had visible flaws to begin with. While some smiles can be improved with a single form of cosmetic treatment, many patients may require a unique combination of treatments in order to achieve their ideal smiles. This is where an artistic dentist can be invaluable in helping you achieve the kind of smile you have been dreaming about.

Know the Types of Treatment, and How They Can Be Combined

Are veneers the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term, “cosmetic dentistry?” You’re not alone. Veneers have long been one of the most popular forms of cosmetic treatment, because of how comprehensively and quickly they can improve a smile. Veneers can be used to hide permanent staining, gaps between teeth, and to correct teeth that are disproportionally small or misshapen. And, because porcelain is strain-resistant and incredibly strong, veneers can often last more than a decade, with proper preventive care.

Bonding and contouring can offer similar results to veneers, but at a fraction of the cost. That’s because bonding is completed by the dentist, by sculpting a composite resin material onto the teeth to create a more uniform smile.

Of course, if the only issue with your smile is staining, professional teeth whitening can often be enough to enhance the smile. By removing years of stains, whitening can provide a much brighter and more beautiful smile.

Gum lifts are more invasive than other cosmetic treatments, but they can help improve the appearance of the smile by removing excessive gum tissue.

A cosmetic dentist that specializes in artistic dentistry can also recommend unique combinations of treatment in order to achieve a patient’s ideal smile, such as whitening and bonding or contouring then veneers.