Am I Stuck With The Current Shape Of My Teeth?

Patients are often worried about a variety of common esthetic issues, such as discoloration that can lead to a shabby looking smile, as well as things like chips or spaces. One thing that is often difficult to articulate but that is also a commonly shared disappointment is the simple detail of: Tooth shape. You may worry your teeth are too short, too long, too wide, too narrow, or that they’re just oddly shaped. Maybe you think they’re too pointy or just that their contour is awkward. Whatever the case, remember that our Lake Forest, IL team can actually improve the shape of your teeth for a marked improvement with the help of cosmetic dentistry!

Why Fix One Tooth?

Do you have just one tooth that’s been bothering you because it has some esthetic issues as a result of shape? You may wonder to yourself if it’s really worth addressing the shape of one single tooth. The answer is: Yes! It matters and is worth it if it bothers you. It’s a matter of consistency. When you have one tooth that doesn’t fit in with the rest, it turns a smile that could look consistent and attractive into one with something that’s just slightly off! Get your uniformity that you are hoping for with a cosmetic dentistry treatment like dental bonding.

Fixing Multiple Teeth (It Will Fix Your Smile)

Now, what about fixing multiple teeth? If you have more than one tooth with a shape you’re not thrilled with, you may wonder if you’re just being silly. This is the shape nature provided for you, after all, so maybe you should just embrace it! Of course, you are free to do this! However, if you are simply unhappy with the way your teeth look, speak with us about cosmetic dentistry solutions like porcelain veneers. Addressing the shape of multiple teeth can provide you with what appears to be a smile makeover, so you can finally feel wonderful about your smile.

Starting The Journey!

Don’t hesitate to start your journey (or to at least research what you have available to you) if you want a smile that you can look on with pride. Call our team today to set up a visit, as you learn all about the ways cosmetic care can offer tooth-shape improvement.

Improve Tooth Shape With Our Cosmetic Care

Find out all about how we can make your teeth and entire smile look better when you see our team for a cosmetic consultation. Our Lake Forest Dental Arts practice is proud to serve the Lake Forest, IL area, as well as patients from Chicago and all surrounding communities. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.

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